• XBOX ONE / SERIES X: These bullet buttons are designed to fit all official Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One controllers 
  • REAL 9MM BULLETS: Each bullet button set is hand made using real 9MM spent bullet casings - bullet casing brand will vary 
  • BUY THE ORIGINAL: We are the original U.S. creator of bullet buttons for Xbox and PlayStation controllers - don’t buy a China made copy of our bullet buttons 
  • CREATE A CUSTOM DESIGN: Give your controller a facelift with a set of our custom 9MM bullet buttons or add the finishing touch that completes the custom controller of your dreams 
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: These bullet buttons replace the A,B,X,Y buttons on your Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One controller - a security Torx T8 and standard Torx T6 screwdriver is required for installation

Xbox Series X/S Bullet Buttons

$14.99 Regular Price
$11.99Sale Price
  • • Crazy Controllerz is not responsible for any damage done to your controller during the installation process. Installing these bullet buttons requires opening and disassembling parts of your Xbox One or Series X/S controller. Information on how to open and disassemble your controller can be found online. Installation instructions are not provided. Install these bullet buttons at your own risk.