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Who is Crazy Controllerz?


Crazy Controllerz brings design, comfort, and precision to the gaming community. To achieve that, we produce a variety of high quality video game accessories including most notably our custom Soft Touch Controllers. We exist to heighten the gaming experience by creating products that increase comfort, boost effectiveness, and overall improve your gaming ability. We have put in the work to create products for gamers that are designed to complement capability. 


Since 2010, Crazy Controllerz has remained a leading manufacturer of video game accessories and custom video game controllers. Our ultimate goal has always remained the same - create a personalized and exceptional gaming experience for all. Whether it’s a custom controller designed just for you or innovative accessories such as our Controller Bullet Buttons made from real 9MM spent bullet casings, Crazy Controllerz will not stop in our pursuit to create the best possible video game accessories.

Part of our goal is ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. If you have any questions or concerns about the product you’ve purchased or if you have any trouble with your order, please visit our Contact Us page or email us directly. Our customer service team will make sure we find a resolution to your concern.

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