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Controller Bullet Buttons for PlayStation PS4 PS5 - Made Using Real 9MM Spent Bullet Casings - Includes Tools



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  • ORIGINALLY THE GAMING SHOP: We have changed our name to Crazy Controllerz to simplify our brand - the bullet buttons have not changed 

  • PLAYSTATION 5 / PLAYSTATION 4: These bullet buttons are designed to fit all official PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 controllers 

  • REAL 9MM BULLETS: Each bullet button set is hand made using real 9MM spent bullet casings - bullet casing brand may vary 

  • CREATE A CUSTOM DESIGN: Give your controller a facelift with a set of custom 9MM bullet buttons or add the finishing touch that completes the custom controller of your dreams 

  • TOOLS INCLUDED: These bullet buttons replace the X,O,Square,Triangle buttons on your PlayStation controller - all tools required for installation are included


Sometimes a standard controller just gets boring or maybe you want to add bullet buttons to a custom controller you made! Regardless of the reason, adding a set of Crazy Controllerz bullet buttons to your PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 controller in place of the X,O,Square,Triangle buttons is sure to make your controller one of a kind. Your friends won’t be able to resist checking out your controller and pressing the bullet buttons a thousand times… They go great with war controller designs as well! 

Important Advantages 


  • Adding a set of bullet buttons gives your controller a one of a kind look. You’ll make all your friends jealous when they check out your controller and it has real 9MM bullet casings in place of the X,O,Square,Triangle buttons. 

  • Each bullet button set is hand made using real 9MM spent bullet casings. The bullet casings are hand selected and polished to give them a brand new shine. The bullet casing brand that each set is made with will vary. 

  • With the included tools, installation is easy. Simply disassemble the necessary parts of your controller, remove the original X,O,Square,Triangle buttons, drop in your new bullet buttons, and reassemble your controller! Installation takes about 1 hour. 

  • This kit includes the Phillips PH000 screwdriver and plastic prying tool that are required for installation as well as replacement screws incase a screw is lost during installation. 

Crazy Controllerz is not responsible for any damage done to your controller during the installation process. Installing these bullet buttons requires opening and disassembling parts of your PS4 or PS5 controller. Install these bullet buttons at your own risk.

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