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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the difference between a Modded Controller and a Rapid Fire controller?
A. Absolutely nothing! A Rapid Fire Controller and a Modded Controller are just different names for the same thing. The most common name is Modded Controller but names can include Mod Controller, Rapid Fire Mod Controller, Modded Controller, Turbo Controller, etc. Their are tons and all the different names can get confusing!

2. How long does it take for my controller to get to me?
A. This can vary depending on your shipping method and whether or not you've purchased rush processing. Generally, an order ships within 24 hours after a 2 day processing period. The post office estimates anywhere from 1-5 days depending on the shipping service you chose. You can learn more by visiting our shipping page.

3. Will I get banned for using a Modded Controller?
A. This is actually one of the most common myths we find in our industry and it is definitely misunderstood. You can't get banned for using a Modded Controller online or offline. We've been in the business for over 6 years and have never had a single customer even contact us about it. The reasoning is simple. Our controllers do what your fingers can do, they just do them faster and better. So how does anyone know if it's a Modded Controller or simply someone who has ultra fast fingers? 

4. Do you use Microsoft and Sony authentic controllers or off brand controllers?
A. You won't see anything in our warehouse that's off brand. Every controller on our shelves is shipping to us directly from Microsoft and Sony themselves. We use only Authentic Microsoft and Sony Xbox 360 and PS3 Controllers for all of our Modded Controllers. 

5. Is Crazy Controllerz' a real company or a scam?
A. Crazy Controllerz' is a fully registered Limited Liability Company located in the state of Michigan. We are here to grow our business as best we can and we plan on doing that by offering great customer support. You can trust Crazy Controllerz' because we are honest people that want our customers to have the greatest products possible. Still don't believe me? Chat with us! It's at the bottom of the site. Talk to a real person, we think it will help.

6. What is Rapid Fire and how does it work?
A. Rapid Fire means Rapidly Firing a gun automatically that you would generally have to manually pull the trigger multiple times to shoot Rapidly. An example of this works with a pistol in Call of Duty. You normally would need to pull the trigger really fast to make your pistol shoot fast. With Rapid Fire, you just pull the trigger like a machine gun and the bullets pump out! This Mod comes standard on all of our Xbox 360 Modded Controllers and PS3 Modded Controllers!

7. How do I track my order?
A. When you order has shipped, you should receive an email notifying you that Crazy Controllerz' has shipped your order. Within that email their will be a tracking number. Copy that tracking number and head on over to In the top right corner of their website, you can enter that number and click enter. The tracking information will bring up all the details on the status of your package! If you didn't receive a tracking number, contact us! We'll get it for you.

8. How do I get sponsored by Crazy Controllerz?
A. Crazy Controllerz does consider teams and players for sponsorship. We will consider and review all teams and players that request a sponsorship. The most important criteria for obtaining a sponsorship through our site is a personal or team website. We are looking for teams or players that have a following and take their job serious. We will consider all forms of media besides a website as well. 

9. How do I connect my Modded Controller to an Xbox 360?
A. Start by holding the sync button on your Xbox 360 Controller for a couple seconds. You will see the lights start to spin in a circle. (Remember, the sync button is on the top of the controller near the LB button). Immediately after the lights on your controller start spinning, press the sync button on your Xbox 360. The lights on your Xbox 360 will start spinning too. In a couple of seconds, your Modded Controller and your Xbox 360 will pair up and your controller will be connected!

10. What games do Crazy Controllerz Modded Controllers work for?
A. Our Xbox 360 and PS3 Modded Controllers have been designed to be completely universal for all games. We do put emphasis on more popular games but you can rest assured that we've taken the time to test our software with each and every game out their. We know you'll have a great experience with your Crazy Controllerz Modded Controller. 

11. My Modded Controller has started having problems?
A. We offer a 1 Year standard warranty on all of our Modded Controllers just incase something like this happens. We try our best to make sure our controllers are not only great products but long lasting products as well. Unfortunately, issues do arise once in a while and that's why we're here to help. Please visit our warranty page for much more information about obtaining warranty service.
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"from the time i opened the box to the time i used it i waz in love with the modded controller and its fast the shots or constent"

"i have two modded controllers from crazycontrollers but this ones my favorite becaue it looks so cool. It is sooo cool in real life even btter than the picture."

"i bought this controller and it's excellent. so far it's the best controller i've used and the rapid fire is by far the easiest to program. thanks crazycontrollerz"
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