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At Crazy Controllerz, we put more time and money into researching and developing our controllers than any other company in the industry. Our Modded Controllers are designed to be simple without lacking features, fast without getting complicated, and loaded with features that will keep up with you. Because we write our own software, you can count on your Crazy Controllers Rapid Fire Controller to be 100% up to date with the latest games, patches, and features. We are constantly updating our software to stay on top as the leader in the Modded Controller industry. With tons of add-on mod's and controller designs, our controllers are also 100% customizable to you. You won't get stuck with features that you just don't need or find yourself wishing you had that one feature you couldn't get. At Crazy Controllerz, our Rapid Fire Controllers do it all.
PS3 Modded Controller with Rapid Fire For Site
At Crazy Controllerz, we design and build the best PS3 Rapid Fire Controllers. It all starts with the software that comes standard on every controller. Our team of developers design it with you in mind. With a PS3 Modded Controller from Crazy Controllerz, you will have not only the best controller in the game but you'll also have the newest and best software installed on your Modded Controller. We design our controllers to give you the highest advantage with all of the most popular games. You can feel safe when you purchase a PS3 Rapid Fire Controller from Crazy Controllers because your controller will finally be able to keep up with you.

Our Xbox 360 Line of Rapid Fire Controllers is and will always be leading the way in Modded Controller technology. At Crazy Controllerz, we believe innovation is much more than just cramming as many features into one  Controller as possible to use as selling points. What good does it do for the gamer if none of those features are easily accessed or if they don't work well with their favorite game? We put a ton of focus not only on the features we develop for our Rapid Fire Controllers, but in making sure they work great with the gamer. Our Xbox 360 Modded Controllers truly are designed for the gamer.

Red Tiger Modded Controller Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Crazy Controllerz

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"from the time i opened the box to the time i used it i waz in love with the modded controller and its fast the shots or constent"

"i have two modded controllers from crazycontrollers but this ones my favorite becaue it looks so cool. It is sooo cool in real life even btter than the picture."

"i bought this controller and it's excellent. so far it's the best controller i've used and the rapid fire is by far the easiest to program. thanks crazycontrollerz"
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